Green Home Cleaning & Restoration

Tiles & Grout Cleaning

Green Home Carpet Cleaning pre-treats and cleans tile and grout on floors only. We use a truck-mounted scrubbing machine that uses a high pressure and temperature with an enclosed head attachment that ensures immediate drying.

Get Ready to Say Goodbye to Grime and Hello to Shine

Knowing the difference between DIY caulk installations and professionally installed tile and grout can save you a lot of time and money. Please call for tile & grout cleaning if you know your floors were professionally installed by a third party or for commercial purposes.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Wow - I used this company to clean my tile floors and grout. THEY LOOK AMAZING!! Even the 50+ year old floor is beautiful. I will definitely use this company again."
"Kim is amazing. She does a great job and is kind and friendly as well! I trust her in my home and appreciated that she text me photos while I was at work. Brain is very responsive. If you have never had your tile and grout steam cleaned you should DEF do it! The results are night and day. Thanks Kim and Brian!"
"I had a puppy problem, and Brian came out to help right away. Super friendly, and fantastic work. I’ll definitely call for future needs. Thank you so much!"